OBS bijvanck - new website!

It's finally public!! The new website of our wonderful school: OBS Bijvanck:) Most of the photos on the site are taken by Naomi Marcin or me, some by Pierre Pourchez. These are two of my favorite photos from the website. Can you spot the two kids at the back in the first pic? Wonder what they're discussing:):) Btw. made a post about the pictures before as well here

My kid is actually in the picture below. Let's just say he loves reading and he is very good at blocking out everything happening around him (even his mom being in class to take pictures.....:):))

Exhibition at "Bijvanck in Beeld"

This weekend I had my first exhibition in De Malbak and the event called "Bijvanck in Beeld" (some of those head photos on the website are mine btw). There were lots of people visiting both Saturday and Sunday, and I got loads of enthusiastic and positive reactions. I made some interesting contacts and even sold several pictures, so all in all a great event!

For the exhibit I chose to showcase only my iphoneography based work/art. I had framed pictures in 3 different sizes, I had my Keepsy book "It's about the little things" (that is also for sale through that link btw., not digital, but a paper book:)) and my iphone based business cards, which I still love and which got a LOT of attention.

Seems I'll be doing another exhibition like this in Blaricum Oude Dorp in September. Already looking forward to it. I'll also have pictures in the "Dit is Zuid" exhibition in Rotterdam throughout April as well as the planned "SeeMyAlmere" exhibition in May/June. So, you can see there's a lot of exhibiting going on at the moment:):)

Presentation in Apple store Amsterdam - Iphoneography

Read about my presentation in Apple store Amsterdam last Saturday here.