Happy belated New Year everyone!!!! It's a new year and a new year comes with new resolutions.... One of mine is to post pictures here on this blog more frequently and I really hope I will manage. Time is an issue however. It would help and motivate me if you did leave a comment if you read my posts though. You know, some kind of sign to show your interested and actually get something from what I post.

I have big photographic plans for 2012, one of them to design and create my own professional website and new blog. I am also the founder and manager of a very interesting project, so I know I will have my hands full.

I am also going to participate in the MCP project 12, to challenge myself and have some fun with other photographers around the globe. Want to know more about the project? I advise you to check out the link, but basically there's a set theme every month and the January theme is as you might have guessed by now:  "Resolution". So here are my favorite pictures from New years eve and the beginning of 2012: