Margrethes day in the "sun"...

family feet vm

And finally I managed to find time to upload pictures from this photoshoot with Margrethe and her new family that I had during our visit to Norway last August. We had big plans for this shoot, letting the kids run around in their big and beautiful garden, family pictures in the grass while enjoying the sun and the idyllic surroundings. Right! Alas! On this day, and this day only, the weather gods decided to have fun with us and opened up the sky so we could get all wet and cold, forcing us to get creative, rearrange their living room and up the ISO on my camera. Taking the light conditions and the restricted space into consideration, I have to say these pics turned out pretty nice and I really love how relaxed and natural this family acted in front of my scary lens. The little one was also pretty relaxed until we started to undress her for naked pictures. She didn't really agree to those:)

BB b&s2

BB baby E1

BB jump

mo fam 13

BB baby E2

BB m&e

BB sisters

far og datter 1 vm

BB fam1

A hidden gem..

I found this hidden gem while going through my photos this morning. I have so many photos to go through and expect to find many more, but for now I wanted to show little DD on the Hilversumse hei (moorland), way back when it was still warm and nice (this was actually in May). Have a great day!!! Greetings from sunny Holland!