Finally an update....

I know I haven't been around lately and I am sorry for all of you that drop by and don't find anything new. It's hard to find enough time at the moment, for all the things I want to do, and I have had to prioritize. Sadly blogging hasn't been on top of the list:( But photographing has been. So I have loads and loads of pictures to go through and I also have a new project going that I will tell you about later. Fun stuff. And I have a photography workshop planned in Austria in September, so I will tell you all about it later as well.

But for now, I can show you some cool pictures of these lovely siblings. We had a fun shoot just around the corner from where I live, and it resulted in me getting newly cut grass all over me:) Well, it was all worth it to get these shots.....

BB all three

BB all three 2

schuitemakers 04

BB portretter

schuitemakers 02

BB susjes