Two cute sisters..

Presenting Anouk and Yvet.......

anouk en yvet vm 46

BB anouk en yvet 3

anouk en yvet vm 47

BB anouk en yvet 2

BB yvet

BB anouk en yvet 1

Brrrr... is cold, rainy and windy and very "autumish", and I just want to stay inside and read a good book and drink hot chocolate. As it is, I am inside, working with photos and administration, no chocolate and no book, getting ready to pick up kids from school and prepare today's dinner (lamb chops, in case your interested). I guess you can't have it all..... Anyway, while going through my pictures, I came across these of Lotte, taken in T√łnsberg, Norway this summer. Seeing Lotte so happy and cute warmed me to the bone, and gave me a happy feeling that just might get me through this cold day. She is quite special this little one.....

BB modellotte 2