A beautiful wedding....

A few weeks ago, I attended Eike and Miris wedding, who you might remember from this photo shoot. The event was held in the Hambacher Schloss in Germany, and the place was just amazing. I have to point out that I was a guest at this wedding, and not the wedding photographer, so the official wedding pictures where shot by someone else. But of course I couldn't leave be to snap pictures of both the newly married, the guests and the decor in between. And as quite a few of them turned out quite good, I couldn't not show them here, now could I? So here is "picture overload alert"!! These are my favorites (and I think they give a pretty good picture of the beautiful setting)....

BB the table

e&m wedding 06

BB m&e wedding 8

BB m&e wedding 6

The newly married are being congratulated outside the church:
BB chirch

BB m&e wedding 5

BB m&e wedding 9

BB m&e wedding 2

And here are some of the guests.....
BB m&e wedding 7

BB table

BB m&e wedding 4

e&m wedding 02

BB guests 2

e&m wedding 03

BB guests

e&m wedding 01

BB caro & eckart

BB m&e wedding 1


Sidsel said...

Dette kan du!!!! NYYYYYYDELIGE bilder. Klem

Silvitanova said...

Wat ontzettend mooi! De foto's van de gasten zin ook zo leuk!