A family trip to Tafelberg

This beautiful family wanted to have some pictures of them together, just having fun and enjoying each other. So on this sunday trip to the beautiful recreation area, Tafelberg, I joined in as a "third wheel" and sneaked as many snapshots as possible. Boaz and his friend Joop were most interested in playing football and climbing trees. I hope these pictures will give the family something to tresure forever:)

erne en fam 02

BB op de stam

erne en fam 03

BB all three

BB boaz en pappa

BB boaz

erne en fam 05

BB wandelen

BB e&m

BB balancing

BB in de boom

BB boaz en joop in de boom

BB boaz 2

BB boaz en opa

A beautiful wedding....

A few weeks ago, I attended Eike and Miris wedding, who you might remember from this photo shoot. The event was held in the Hambacher Schloss in Germany, and the place was just amazing. I have to point out that I was a guest at this wedding, and not the wedding photographer, so the official wedding pictures where shot by someone else. But of course I couldn't leave be to snap pictures of both the newly married, the guests and the decor in between. And as quite a few of them turned out quite good, I couldn't not show them here, now could I? So here is "picture overload alert"!! These are my favorites (and I think they give a pretty good picture of the beautiful setting)....

BB the table

e&m wedding 06

BB m&e wedding 8

BB m&e wedding 6

The newly married are being congratulated outside the church:
BB chirch

BB m&e wedding 5

BB m&e wedding 9

BB m&e wedding 2

And here are some of the guests.....
BB m&e wedding 7

BB table

BB m&e wedding 4

e&m wedding 02

BB guests 2

e&m wedding 03

BB guests

e&m wedding 01

BB caro & eckart

BB m&e wedding 1

My cool grandmother

Hi there! I've been busy....I've got tons of photos to go through at the moment and most of my time goes to editing them (apart from when I am working, taking care of the kids, cleaning, working out, taking more pictures ++++), but awaiting the photos from my latest photo shoots, I wanted to share these cool pictures of my dear grandmother. She will be 90 (!) next year and is still SO fit. These photos are from our visit to Bratislava last weekend, when my cousin Lucia got married and I LOVE them. We all enjoyed the stay in Slovakia and the wedding tremendously and it's safe to say we had quite a few good laughs. Isn't she the coolest grandma ever????

BB grafittimormor