There's something about this picture....

...that just gets to me. I can't explain exactly why, but I like it. I love both versions, but in a different way. In the b&w picture, I take in the seriousness of the object and I am not distracted by colors or other objects. The color setting lets me focus a 100% on the object and the effect the sun has on her hair. The sun shines from behind and highlights her hair, so she looks almost like an angel. A thoughtful little angel.
lotte i solen 2 vm 01

Now, this color picture on the other hand, makes me take in the way her pink lips match her dress and how well it stands out against the green background, pink/red being the complementary color to green makes it pop out. The colors a really lovely. You still get the serious mood, and the sun-effect, but this is not necessary the first thing you focus on when you look at the picture.

lotte i solen 2 vm 02