An afternoon walk in the dutch "mountains"

In the area where we live here in "Noord-Holland", there are huge areas of moorland, which gives you the impression of a mountain landscape (which of course is quite an exaggerating compared to the rest of the world). It's perfect for walking, hiking, or riding a bike. At this time of year the Erica plants (calluna) are blooming a gorgeous purple, which makes a perfect setting for photos. It also smells great and familiar, and if I close my eyes, I imagine that I am up in the Norwegian mountains.

Yesterday started out quite rainy, but as the sun started to pop out in the afternoon, Mats, Lotte and I decided to go for a walk in one of the parks nearby. Jonas was at a friends and Till was working, so it was only the three of us. I think the pictures show how much the kids enjoyed it, climbing the trees and looking for rabbit holes amongst the Ericas.

tur i heien 05

BB i lyngen

tur i heien 02

BB hanging lotte

BB mats i lyngen 3

BB lotte i lyngen

tur i heien 06

BB hanging mats