Cute cousins

Meet my cute nieces, all joined together this summer, and of course all up for a fun photo shoot in the wine acres. I love these German surroundings and of course I love these girls. They are the best nieces one can ask for....:)

kusiner 2

BB kusiner 1

kusiner 1

These two beautiful girls are twins. Meet Sophia and Jula.....
BB i gresset

kusiner 3

BB sisters

BB sophia

BB jula & sophia

An afternoon walk in the dutch "mountains"

In the area where we live here in "Noord-Holland", there are huge areas of moorland, which gives you the impression of a mountain landscape (which of course is quite an exaggerating compared to the rest of the world). It's perfect for walking, hiking, or riding a bike. At this time of year the Erica plants (calluna) are blooming a gorgeous purple, which makes a perfect setting for photos. It also smells great and familiar, and if I close my eyes, I imagine that I am up in the Norwegian mountains.

Yesterday started out quite rainy, but as the sun started to pop out in the afternoon, Mats, Lotte and I decided to go for a walk in one of the parks nearby. Jonas was at a friends and Till was working, so it was only the three of us. I think the pictures show how much the kids enjoyed it, climbing the trees and looking for rabbit holes amongst the Ericas.

tur i heien 05

BB i lyngen

tur i heien 02

BB hanging lotte

BB mats i lyngen 3

BB lotte i lyngen

tur i heien 06

BB hanging mats

Beautiful Gwen and Jitske

These two beautiful girls, who are also my babysitters, just graduated school with success, so I decided we needed a fun photoshoot to celebrate and congratulate them moving on to new adventures. Gwen and Jitske, you both have been the greatest sitters, and we will miss your weekly visits lots and lots. Best of luck on your new schools and please don't be strangers.......
gwen & jitske 2

BB jitske

gwen & jitske 3

BB grafitti

BB gwen

BB fun

gwen & jitske 5

gwen & jitske 4

BB friends

gwen & jitske 1

BB jump