A great birthday party!!!

Hey, I'm back!!!! Some of you might have noticed that there has been little news here lately. Well, I have been taking it easy this winter, pretty much just needed a break. Along with springtime, sunny weather and warm temperatures, comes the outdoor activities, parties, birthdays, holidays. It's like the hole neighborhood has been sleeping, and is now wakening up and we are ready to socialize again. This weekend we had no less than 4 social activities/parties and one of them was cute little Victors birthday party. Victors mum and dad had hired a professional face painter for the kids, and I must say they ended up looking great. Of course I had to document the process and the results. There were loads of cute kids at the party, and I got a few good shots. Especially loved the balloons......

dragemats 1 toc star cut evening col2 vm

BB facepaint

dragejonas 1 toc star cut eyes vm

BB lotte

BB sisters

BB cake

BB pakker

BB gjester