More snowy pictures from Norway

Here are a few of my favorites from a walk on the wintery beach close to my parents house in Tønsberg this christmas.

lotte 3 toc winter vm

BB mommo og lotte

BB jonas

lotte 2 toc winter cut vm

BB mats paa stranden

BB snoballkrig

BB lotte i snoen

Snowy fun!

Here are some fun pics from our Christmas holiday in Norway. Great light, coooooold temperatures and fun!

BB lotte og martine 1

BB jonas aker

BB martine

BB mats

BB lotte

BB aking

Ice skating on the kanal

It's wintertime here in Holland, and the kids are enjoying the snow and the ice. This is how we and the neighbors spent the sunday...

BB lotte paa isen

på isen 3 star vm

BB mats paa isen

BB paa isen 1


godt nyttaar 1 star vm