Three cute little sisters

A 10 days old, cute little baby, her two very cute bigger sisters and lots of pink and fun attributes; the recipe for a cool and fun photoshoot in their own home. All pictures are taken without any artificial lighting or flash and inside their private home, and is a perfect example of a fun and personal photoshoot that one will treasure for a LONG time.

BB kate handoek

fam vd berg b 84

This beautiful tree was on the wall in the nursery. Just perfect for a fun baby picture.
BB lille kate

fam vd berg b 87

BB mor og datter

fam vd berg b 109

BB rosa 1

fam vd berg b 106

BB saar 1

fam vd berg b 100

SOOOOO cute....
fam vd berg b 112

BB rosa sh

I love mirrors...
fam vd berg b 103

BB saar sh

fam vd berg b 113

BB rosa 2

fam vd berg b 95

fam vd berg b 90

BB familien