Back to reality....

...after a few weeks of summer vacation, and I am ready to roll again. This year we spent the summer in my home country Norway, at my parents in T√łnsberg, and I now look back through 100s (actually 1000s) of photos from our stay. We really enjoyed the time and although the weather wasn't quite what we expected, we did get to spend several days at the beach. We also got visitors from Germany and together we went to a place called "the end of the world" - gorgeous nature at it's best and a perfect stage for photography:). We also stayed a few days in the beautiful mountains of Nesbyen, and this wasn't a less beautiful surrounding for taking pictures of course. While staying in Norway, I had 2 photo shoots booked as well, so stay tuned to see more from them later. The last days I have been going through my pictures, picking favorites, but I can assure you; that hasn't been an easy process. To many favorites... I did finally pick a few that I can showcase here, and hopefully give some inspiration to some of you. I did play around with Jesh de Rox's awesome actions on most of these, to bring out the "summery" feeling.

Lotte og momo
BB momo og lotte

Essence of summer....
BB sommerstemning

Mats at "the end of the world"....
sommer i norge 09 07

Photo shoot at "the end of the world".....My dear sister in law and her beautiful girls
BB verdens ende

This picture cracks me up. I love it. This was the cabin (more like a house) we stayed at in Nesbyen. And these sheep just came and went all the time and we could hear the bell wherever they went. Lotte desperately wanted to pet them, but they were less than interested..
sommer i norge 09 11

My little tourists, throwing rocks down the hill. I can assure you the sheep were gone already... I think we had like 18 degrees Celsius, but that doesn't stop my Lotte from wearing her fashionable bikini...
sommer i norge 09 05

Seeing this picture, reminds me of how lucky I am....
sommer i norge 09 03

...and so do these pics... (taken at the beach in Denmark, while waiting for the ferryboat)
BB hirtshals


pattyo said...

Wow--makes me wish I could be there! Great photos.