Snow in Holland!

Guess what we saw outside the window when we woke up this morning.....
BB lotte i snoen

Meet the Kroons

What a fun family!!! I LOVE these pictures!!!! You are beautiful!

BB alison en martijn 1

kroons 1 toc winter vm

BB robert en louise 1

BB robert en louise 2

BB alison en martijn 2

BB family

Introducing cute little Nika.....

... who has the cutest room you can imagine and who is one of the most patient little babies ever. Born to be a model.....

Nika B 29

BB stellebord

Nika B 25

BB stellebordet 2

Nika B 30

BB i vuggen

BB hos pappa

BB nika 1

Nika B 31

Nika B 24

BB alle tre

More flowers

Just another happy picture....

tulipaner 1 summer cut6 vm

spring flowers

..just because.... You might wonder why I post a picture of spring flowers now that the winter and christmas time is closing in on us, but I just found it in my archives and it made me happy.
vaarblomster 1 vm

This picture can be ordered on canvas in the sizes 30x45 cm or 40x60 cm for the prizes 110,- and 150,- euros and there is also the option to add text to the picture, whatever you wish.

Three cute little sisters

A 10 days old, cute little baby, her two very cute bigger sisters and lots of pink and fun attributes; the recipe for a cool and fun photoshoot in their own home. All pictures are taken without any artificial lighting or flash and inside their private home, and is a perfect example of a fun and personal photoshoot that one will treasure for a LONG time.

BB kate handoek

fam vd berg b 84

This beautiful tree was on the wall in the nursery. Just perfect for a fun baby picture.
BB lille kate

fam vd berg b 87

BB mor og datter

fam vd berg b 109

BB rosa 1

fam vd berg b 106

BB saar 1

fam vd berg b 100

SOOOOO cute....
fam vd berg b 112

BB rosa sh

I love mirrors...
fam vd berg b 103

BB saar sh

fam vd berg b 113

BB rosa 2

fam vd berg b 95

fam vd berg b 90

BB familien

Just a teaser.... show you what´s coming. Just because I can´t wait to show these gorgeous children. I had the privilege to photograph this family in their own fantastic backyard a few weeks back. There is much more to come, but in the meantime I just couldn't wait....

BB alle barna 1

Beautiful light - beautiful location - beautiful family

During my stay in Norway this summer, my best friend since childhood, TC (just leaving your full names out, sweetie..) asked me to take pictures of her family, primarily her sweet girls. TC and I have known each other since we were born and our mothers are best friends too, which makes our friendship very special. It is of course sad that we get to see each other only for a few hours each year, living so far apart, but the time we DO spend together is highly treasured and fun. So, for the photoshoot, we chose a beautiful evening and went down to the Ringshaug beach outside T√łnsberg. The light was beautiful, but we did have some issues with the wind and children who were freezing and we all had to work just a little bit harder and longer than usual :) Looking at the pictures now however, I don't mind the extrawork or the wind, cause the pictures are SO energetic and, well, gorgeous I think. What do you think???

BB vilde ved treet

fam solheim vm99

foetter summer vm

BB hele familien 1

BB med pappa

This beautiful girl has a special place in my heart, as my godchild :)
BB vilde ved treet 2

tove cathrine obscura twist level vm

This is miss T. with her sweet rabbit... She has such a fun personality and makes us all laugh all the time..
BB tuva og kaninen

BB jentene ved treet

BB tuve og vilde i aakeren 2

BB tove cathrine

BB tuva og vilde ved vannet

BB tuva i gresset

BB mamma og jentene

And finally, for those with special interest, here's a slideshow to show the rest of the pictures....