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I'm giving a mobile photography workshop at Heeerlijk Kookschool & Sfeercatering on March 16 2014!

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Merry Xmas!!!

Best friends 4ever part one

A sign of life and a little post about my new lens, the canon EF 85 mm, f1/8. To test this lens that I had heard so much positive about, I took my girl and her BFF to the beautiful Tafelberg and as you can see, we had some fun together:) I'm not a technical person, so I'm not going to talk about the technical specifics of this lens (you can read about those all over the internet or in the link above), but rather show you some examples of what kind of pictures you can take with it. I can confirm without a doubt that it's well worth it's money:) About €350,- is a very decent price for such a great lens. Just look at that beautiful DOF:)  I have many more cute pictures from this trip, so stay tuned for part II. If you leave me enough comments I might reveal what kind of editing I use on my pics..... 

Jonas 9 years old...

Trying to organize my many many photos and going through them all also means finding some forgotten treasures. These are some very cute portraits of Jonas taken during a walk in the woods last autumn.